"Beast Breaker" Mohji

Mohji (モージ, Mōji), A.K.A Mohji the Beast Breaker (猛獣使いのモージ, Mōjū-tsukai no Mōji), is a pirate and the first mate of the Buggy Pirates and a member of the Buggy and Alvida Alliance. He is a pet tamer, usually acompanied by his pet lion Richie. Due to his actions, he can be considered the secondary antagonist of the Orange Town Arc.


Voice Actor: Chuck Huber (English), Shigenori Soya (Japanese)

Every time Mohji appears in the series for an arc, his hairstyle changes. During the Orange Town Arc, his hair was shaped like a teddy bear. The Roguetown Arc had him wearing a pink helmet with bunny ears sticking out, and when the group makes it into the Grand Line, his hair is shaped like a lion's mane. In the Impel Down Arc, his hairstyle causes him to resemble a ram, somewhat similar to Merry. His birthday is October 1st.



Mohji is quite pompous and, at times, silly. He has also displayed a strong rivalry with Cabaji, Buggy's second mate, during the Buggy mini-arc. He tends to treat Richie better then most other people and adores the big lion. He even takes it offensively when Richie is used as a shield by Cabaji against Natsu, Luffy, Happy, Zolo, Gray, Nami and Lucy.







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Mohji claims to have the ability to control any animal he wishes. However, he was not able to tame Chouchou, who bit Mohji when he tried. He has yet to prove his ability in the series outside of his pet, a lion named Richie (who seems to have an emphatic link with him). Mohji usually opts to use him in battle rather than fight himself. He is, however, fast and agile, and very skilled with a whip.




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