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Obra (オーブラ, Ōbura) was a Mage of the Raven Tail guild, as well as one of its elite members. He is often seen accompanied by a small, brown, demon-like creature.


Voice Actor: Not Known (English), Yoshimitsu Shimoyama (Japanese)

Obra is an extremely tall and massive man with an outlandish appearance, sporting pale blue skin and round, beady, reflective and mildly protruding black eyes, which have no seeming sclera, being completely dark like those of a rodent, or a bird. He has very long, straight blue hair, which flows down to his shoulders, where it is gathered in a ponytail. The features of his face are just as distinctive, with it being elongated frontwards, culminating in a very long, protruding and vaguely hooked nose, under which Obra's wide mouth, with thick pinkish lips, sits. He has a fairly long neck, and passing just above his nose are two white belts covered in round studs, with a larger section secured by buttons sitting on his nose's upper part.

Most of Obra's body is hidden away by a very large, poncho-like black cape, whose collar, reaching up to his face and obscuring his chin, is adorned by a white pattern consisting of several white circles linked together by a line passing below them. Below his neck, secured to it by straps, are three white bow ties, placed one below the other, and linked together by smaller straps. Sprouting from below such cape are four, limb-like appendages covered in dark and light stripes, somehow reminiscent of a bee's sting, with two of them being placed at each of Obra's sides. His attire is completed by a high, large-brimmed top hat, circled by two bronze-colored stripes right above the brim and some inches below its top.



Obra is a man, who hardly talks, in fact he hasn't talked at all, since his first appearance. According to Nullpudding, Obra has to be forced to use his full potential during a fight, indicating a lazy side.







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Magic Canceling: By unknown means, Obra was able to cancel out Lucy's Urano Metria spell, leaving her completely powered out. He managed to do so from a far distance and completely unnoticed by anyone. When pointing at him as the one responsible for the ambush on Wendy Marvell and Carla, Carla also went on to state that Obra's power allows him to reduce the target's Magic Power to zero in an instant.

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