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The Spade Pirates (スペード海賊団, Supēdo Kaizokudan) was originally a Pirate Crew of Ace D. Portgaz that was founded three years before the current storyline. After the first crew was later integrated into the Whitebeard Pirates, the ship was later found by the Emperor Tiger D. Monkey who took and interest in the Spade Pirates that he became the new captain of the crew.



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The Spade Pirates were powerful enough to make it through the first half of the Grand Line. Their captain, Ace, managed to fight on equal terms with one of the Warlord, Jimbei, as well as being offered a position as a Warlord himself. The crew also showed a lack of fear, as they attempted to attack Whitebeard in order to save their captain despite knowing that they were outmatched.

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The Spade Pirates' Jolly Roger is that of a normal grinning skull and crossbones wearing Ace's signature hat, which has two "smileys", one smiling and the other frowning. The top of the hat has flames protruding from it, a representation of Ace's fire-based abilities. The background of the skull is a spade and the word "SPADE" is beneath it.


The figurehead of the ship is similar to the Jolly Roger's; a skull with a flaming head. There are also chains linked to the skull and the sides of the ship. The foremost sail bears the crew's Jolly Roger, which is a skull with Ace D. Portgaz's signature hat and flames protruding from it, along with the spades on the background. The crew's flag is on top of that sail. The back sail on the top contains the word "SPADE", and has the crew's flag on top of it. As only the front of the ship is shown, it is unknown what the rest of it looks like.


  • Their name "Spade", as well as their captain's name "Ace", are both references to the ace of spades.
  • They are the second pirate crew revealed to have joined another crew, the first being the Fanged Toad Pirates joining the Foxy Pirates; although, unlike the Fanged Toad Pirates, of whom only the most important members were taken, the entire Spade Pirate crew was integrated into Whitebeard's crew. Later, Tiger took over and became the new captain of the Spade Pirates.
  • The spade-symbol is used also by Pica of Don Quixote Pirates, but no link is even mentioned.


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