Team Natsu proposal

Team Natsu

Team Natsu is an unnamed of the Fairy Tail Guild.

Creation of TeamEdit

The idea for the creation of the team came from Plue. Natsu thought that is was a great idea. Initially it was to destroy the Daybreak book, but seeing how Natsu and Happy got along with Lucy they decided to keep the team together. Then helped Luffy, Zolo and Nami defeat Buggy, later Ganzak and their pirate crews. Later Gray and Erza join the team to stop Erigor's Eisenwald and his guild members. In the end, after the events of Fairy Tail-Phantom Lord war, defeating Arlong and his pirate crews and escaping the Navy captain Chaser at Rougetown, they all decided to remain together as an official team. Sometimes they are called the "strongest team" in Fairy Tail, seeing as how all the members are very strong and have great teamwork.




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