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Zoan (ゾオン, Zōn) is one of the three types of Cursed Fruit. This type of fruit allows the user to transform into another species and inter-species hybrid forms at will. Zoan types are especially effective in close combat.

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A Zoan fruit allows the user to transform into one other species. This type of fruit provides three basic forms: the user's natural form, a fully transformed type, and a hybrid form, combining both original and fruit-bestowed species into an an unusual form (usually in a bizarre way where the size is greatly exaggerated). However, through training, it is possible for Zoan users to unlock different transformations (for instance Marco, who could transform individual parts of his body, and Chopper post timeskip, who could transform into at least six different forms even without the use of a Rumble Ball). The only known hybrid forms of human users shown so far that was not bipedal is the Snake-Snake Fruit series (as snakes don't have legs). Another effect shown is that in many different known Zoan users, when in a half-human half-animal hybrid, sometimes the user tends to get bigger than they originally are, even to giant proportions. It has been seen that some Zoan users can transform partially into his animal form: Marco transformed only his arms into phoenix's wings.

It is unknown what happens in most cases of eating a fruit bestowing the powers of the same species who ate it, but it was stated in in the SBS that a human who eats the Human-Human Fruit would become "enlightened".

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Human-Human Fruit model series
Dog-Dog Fruit model series
Ox-Ox Fruit model series
Cat-Cat Fruit model series
Bird-Bird Fruit model series
Snake-Snake Fruit model series
Sala-Sala Fruit model series
Bat-Bat Fruit model series
Bug-Bug Fruit model series
Single model series

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